Mark V tank

Mark V Tank
The tank was developed during the First World War to break the deadlock imposed on the Western Front by trenches, machine-guns and barbed wires. However, the mechanical onreliability of the first of these new war machines resulted in limited success on the battlefield.
The Mark V tank was introduced in the spring of 1918 in an attempt to improve performance. A new system of brakes and gears permitted a single driver to control the vehicle, a purpose-built Ricardo tank engine gave increased power and refinement were made tot he bodywork. It first saw action Le Hamel in July 1918 and went on to serve with the British Army fort he rest of the war and into the 1920’s.
This Mark V tank, number 19, Devil, is believed to have served with B Company, 4th Battalion, Royal Tank Corps and was still in service in 1925.
Technical specifications:
Crew: eight
Armament: Male version, two 6-pounder guns, four .303-inch Hotchkiss machine-guns
Armour: 0,6 inches (1,5 cm)
Maximum speed: 4,6mph (7pkh)
Engine: Ricardo six cylinder, in line, petrol type
Dimensions: length: 26ft 5in (8m), width: 13ft 6in (4,1m), height: 8ft 8in (2,6m)
Weight: 29 tons

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